8 Ways to Maximize Your Small-Space Bedroom Design


You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re between adorning your small bedroom with pieces you adore and minimizing its footprint with space-savvy decorating ideas.

The design experts have spoken, and these eight simple strategies will help you live large in a small bedroom, whether you’re a renter or a homeowner. What’s the best part? You may still layer prints, have fun with furniture, and style the ideal shelfie. Tiny bedrooms do not have to be boring!

Choose your furniture carefully.

If you can avoid it, don’t just pick any old bed or dresser for your bedroom. To ensure that products are genuinely earning their keep, it is far preferable to be strategic about your purchase. “Getting furniture pieces with additional storage or shelving can help with a small bedroom plan,” says LH. Designs designer Linda Hayslett. So, as cute as that marble-topped side table is, you should pass it up in favor of a three-drawer nightstand that will keep you tidy.

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Include an end-of-bed bench.

End of bed bench is a no-brainer for a variety of reasons. It allows for more sitting, explains designer Rozit Arditi of Arditi Design, but that’s not all. “This adds another level of comfort to the bedroom while creating another place to store your clothing for the next day — or pile the clothes if we’re being practical,” Arditi says.

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Build shelves or built-ins.

Put those walls to good use! “Using wall space helps give extra room to store belongings and treasures,” Hayslett says. While built-ins may be more difficult for renters, numerous removable wall shelves can make your life easier during your lease but can be quickly destroyed before moving out. You’ll thank yourself later if you don’t squander any vertical space.

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Keep bed placement in mind.

It matters where your bed goes when you want to make a room appear larger. “Having the head of your bed on the same wall as the entryway helps the room look more open when you enter,” designer Annie Elliott of Annie Elliott Design explains. “Being able to look into the far corners makes the room appear larger.”

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Make use of wallpaper for decorative purposes.

Anthony Wilder Design/Build designer Sydney Markus gives a technique to make your bedroom ceilings appear higher. “Wallpaper with irregular vertical designs can lengthen the room’s height,” she says. “It looks like a mural.” So bring on the eclectic prints and have some fun with them. Vertical stripes can also have the same effect, whether painted or wallpapered.

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Stick to wall sconces.

As Markus proposes, trade table lamps for sconces to free up crucial tabletop space on your nightstands. There are so many designs, sizes, and shapes on the market that you’ll be able to select pieces that suit you and your style effortlessly.

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Avoid buying a whole dresser.

Say farewell to this essential storage item. Tell me it isn’t so! On the other hand, Elliott provides a good solution, encouraging small-bedroom residents to utilize a short bachelor’s chest as a bedside table. “A tall, slender étagère on the other side of the bed will provide vertical storage and a bedside surface,” she says.

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Experiment with texture.

Arditi believes that incorporating textured objects into your bedroom will assist in making a small area feel larger. “When it comes to city living, you may not always get a lot of square footage, but adding properly picked textures will maximize the space by creating a cozier sense in the room,” she explains.

Arditi recommends starting with a textured rug and working your way up. “Dress your bed in smaller designs in your bedding and match it with a bright throw blanket or a grouping of pillows,” she suggests. “This creates a unified aesthetic and makes even the smallest bedroom feel much larger.”

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