8 Things People Do to Keep Their Bedrooms Tidy


Do you have a pile of clothes on your bedroom floor right now? What about laundry baskets still full of garbage from the previous time you utilised the laundry basket approach to clear up before entertaining guests? Yes, I agree. Bedrooms are, rightfully, the most remote regions in homes, rarely seen by visitors.

However, bedrooms play a significant function in promoting relaxation. Walking into this place at the end of the day should feel like a warm, comforting hug, an instant indication to let go and decompress. Walking into it in the morning should encourage a concentrated mind, ready to embark on a new day. If you want your bedroom to be an oasis, it must be clutter-free and spotless.

Every morning, empty the nightstands.

Whether you read in bed, journal before bed, or take a cup of tea to unwind, your nightstand can soon become cluttered with evidence of your evening activities. Make it a point to clear your nightstand every morning. Straighten out your book (or books, but keep the stack to a minimum), place objects in a drawer or on a shelf if possible, and, most importantly, bring your tea mug into the kitchen.

Every morning, make your bed.

This is another unavoidable. Leaving the bed unmade is akin to leaving a dirty dish in the sink rather than cleaning or putting it in the dishwasher. Keep in mind that mess breeds mess, and cleanliness breeds cleanliness. You’re significantly less inclined to dump clothes on the floor if your bed is neatly made.

Make a spot for previously worn garments.

When you leave one item of clothing on the floor, you begin a pile. Return any things you try on but decide not to wear (or perhaps discard them in a donation box?). Decide once and for all what you’ll do with clothes that haven’t been washed yet — here’s my go-to option — and put items that need to be cleaned in the hamper.

Maintain a consistent regimen for washing bedding.

Set aside one day per week to wash your bedding, and you’ll never wonder when the last time was. Clean sheets are beneficial to your health since they minimise allergies and bacteria while also feeling great.

Schedule deep cleaning duties for your bedroom.

Again, because others rarely see your bedroom, it’s tempting to leave it till the very last minute when it comes to deep cleaning. However, you are entitled to the advantages of a completely clean room. Schedule deep cleaning jobs for your bedroom, such as cleaning the blinds, washing the curtains, polishing wooden furniture, and rejuvenating pillows, to ensure that your bedroom receives the attention it needs.

Weekly dust and vacuum.

Routine cleaning is just as important as thorough cleaning (which will make deep cleaning simpler!). Weekly dust all surfaces (including plants) and follow up with a complete floor cleaning, including vacuuming and mopping.

Don’t let your bedroom become a storage space.

If you throw things into your bedroom to get them out of public places, vow to put them back where they belong. Incorporate a regular decluttering session into your bedroom care routine, whether once a day or once a week. A normal reset will keep your bedroom from being out of control.

Unpack as soon as you get home.

Use the momentum of returning home from a trip to fling your clothing into the washing machine. Set a goal to empty your suitcases before you’ve been home for 24 hours. This way, you won’t have baggage and clothing in questionable condition. This is another example of not allowing one disaster to lead to another.

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