7 Timeless Bathroom Upgrades You Won’t Regret in 5 Years


When it comes to house repairs and remodels, the bathroom is a hotspot. And there are so many options to upgrade your bathroom design, from heated flooring to eye-catching tile, that it can be challenging to choose which ones to tackle. What is especially crucial to remember? Whether or not your upgrade investments will last. Top interior designers from throughout the country provide their advice on the best ways to invest in bathroom renovations to help you make that decision.

Shower without a frame

The metal strip that runs along the perimeter of older shower enclosures is a clumsy feature. Leave off the metal frame if you’re renovating your shower, advises Laura Hodges of Laura Hodges Studio. “It helps show off the shower tile and make it feel more clean and streamlined,” says Hodges, whose Catonsville, Maryland-based residential, commercial, and hospitality design firm.

Set up an LED mirror.

Vanity mirrors with LED lights embedded into the frame are a great way to ensure you always have good vision. “It’s a terrific clean design for a more modern bath, and it has a sensation of sophisticated luxury like you’d see in an expensive hotel,” says Jennifer Stoner of Richmond, Virginia-based Jennifer Stoner Interiors. Because LED lights are predicted to survive decades, you can cross “replace bulbs” off your to-do list for the foreseeable future.

Make a play on traditional subway tile.

Subway tile is a classic and timeless choice for the bathroom. However, changing the colour or how the rectangular bars are installed may make it more fascinating. “Take a humble material and consider the various ways you might use it,” says Lynn Kloythanomsup, owner of Landed Interiors & Homes in San Francisco. She’s worked with subway tile in ceramic with smooth and uneven glazes and marble. And instead of laying them horizontally, consider stacking them or turning them on their side vertically.

Include a freestanding tub.

According to Hodges, they are the original style of the tub since the invention of bathing. You can’t go wrong with a classic claw foot tub, a hammered copper French bath, or a sleek Japanese number. “They’re just comments,” Hodges explains. Furthermore, cast iron keeps your bath water hotter for longer.

Select a warmer white.

There’s a reason why white is such a popular bathroom hue. It immediately creates a calm and clean atmosphere, even if the bathroom requires some cleaning. Because pure white might be harsh, Kloythanomsup recommends a creamy white instead. “I prefer off-white over dazzling white,” she says. “It’s not as harsh; it’s more forgiving.”

Place your bathtub inside your shower.

Place the tub inside an extra-large shower enclosure to create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. According to Stoner, this effect is known as a wet room and is growing more fashionable. “Imagine stepping out of the tub into a beautifully warm shower where you can rinse off before stepping out,” Stoner says.

Improve the look of your shower tile enclosure.

According to Hodges, minor alterations to your shower tile can make a big difference, such as installing a 3 x 3 outcropping or a tiny nook at ankle height to rest your foot while shaving in the shower. Make the niche for your soap and shampoo larger than you think you’ll need while you’re at it, she advises. They recently completed one that ran the length of the tub. They designed a vertical nook with a glass shelf for another project. She prefers to use the same tile within the box to make it look sleek and high-end.

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