6 Things to Do Before Anyone Uses Your Bathroom


While multiple sinks and double showers are becoming more frequent, at its core, a bathroom is a deliberate space meant for solitary use. It’s a high-traffic area, but it’s not always the most popular because it’s not always a shared space. Consider this: how often have you seen a home with a fantastic bathroom but an old kitchen? The odds are stacked against you. However, just because the toilet isn’t a naturally attractive space doesn’t mean it can’t be.

Whether you’re preparing your home for sale, hosting friends and family, or getting ready in the morning, you may want to make your bathroom seem and feel more appealing. And, since staging is all about eliciting feelings in a home, who better to consult than expert home stagers for advice on how to make your bathroom feel dazzling? Here are four experts’ best tips to make your bathroom not only presentable but also boast-worthy:

Put your toiletries away

Is your bathroom vanity piled high with cosmetics, lotions, and potions? Begin by putting this stuff away.

“Everyone has a toothbrush that they don’t find filthy, but it’s incredibly awful to touch someone else’s,” says Justin Riordan, interior designer, architect, and CEO of Portland-based Spade and Archer Design Agency. “Ensure everything, from Preparation H to shampoo, is behind a locked door.”

Simplify odour management

The bathroom can be the smelly room in the house, yet unlike the kitchen, the scents that emanate are rarely pleasant. While you may light a candle now and then, make sure any potential guests have a remedy for neutralising odours on hand as well, adds Riordan. Display matches, an air freshener, a scented candle, or an inventive DIY toilet spray to let guests know they’re all welcome.

Select all-white everything.

You might not mind your dirty old towels daily. Your guests may not be aware that they are clean. Stacking a few clean, bright-white linens in the bathroom for an instant spa-like feel makes it easy for someone to know precisely what towel to use.

“Hotels choose white linens because it’s simple to tell if they’re unclean,” Riordan explains. “With white towels, shower curtains, and bathmats, you can simply demonstrate to your guests that everything is new and clean.”

Dispose of used bath towels.

When it comes to towels, don’t leave them lying around, especially if they’re still wet. They can not only confuse guests, but they can also clutter your space.

“Bath towels tossed over a shower rod or crammed into a hand towel ring make a tiny space feel even smaller,” explains Brian Garcia, principal and designer of D&G Interiors and Design. “Take a few moments to put them in the hamper or hang them somewhere else.”

Every day, clean

According to Kathie Emhof of Transitions Interior Design & Staging in Buffalo, New York, the secret to maintaining a bathroom company-ready at all times is daily care.

Here’s a simple regimen: At least once a month, deep clean the bathroom. Then, once a day, do the following: a fast cleaning of the toilet inside, followed by a wipe-down of the toilet’s exterior, mirror, and sink. When you’re finished, close the shower curtain to prevent mildew. Always refold towels after using them and empty the garbage regularly.

Finish with a flourish.

Even if a bathroom is quite simple in every other way, it should have elements of flair or ambience. To make the space feel more inviting, Rachel Moore, principal designer at Los Angeles-based Madison Modern Home, suggests showcasing some greenery (either a full-blown plant or even just a leaf or flower clipping) in a small vase or drinking glass or spotlighting a lovely scented candle.

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