10 Stylish West Elm Nightstands That Instantly Add Extra Bedroom Storage (And They’re On Sale!)


Nightstands are the most underappreciated piece of bedroom furniture. They showcase your unique style and taste, store the things you pick up first thing in the morning and last thing at night (for me, this includes my phone and eyeglasses), and, in the best-case scenario, provide additional storage for everything that doesn’t fit on your desk or dresser. A fantastic nightstand fills in the spaces that other bedroom furniture cannot, and while they aren’t usually the most affordable products, we leap at every chance to get one on Sale.

West Elm is presently offering a discount on storage nightstands, with some up to 25% off. Each has a distinct style, ranging from ultra-modern and mid-century modern to cozy boho-chic, so you’ll have no trouble selecting one that suits your tastes. They’re all well-made and have plenty of storage space, so they’d look great in any bedroom. Check out our most excellent deals while they last!

Product Image: Chadwick Mid-Century Nightstand

Mid-Century Nightstand with Chadwick Design

Mixing materials in furniture always adds a little extra liveliness to a room. While the acacia wood body gives warmth, the tall, open style of the woven cord shelf adds airiness. One of our favorite elements is the built-in levelers under the legs, which help keep the nightstand stable on uneven flooring.

Product Image: Norre Nightstand

Nightstand Norre

Simple and clean-cut designs are always in style, and this classic all-wood nightstand is the type of piece you’ll never get rid of. Its two drawers are large enough to supplement your wardrobe or closet and contain clothes that don’t fit anywhere else, making it an easy method to reduce bedroom clutter.

Product Image: Penelope Nightstand

Nightstand for Penelope

This compact design packs a lot of flair into a small nightstand. We like how the curved drawer merges perfectly with the spherical frame. This nightstand has an expensive appearance thanks to the genuine white marble on top. This also works well as a side table in the living area.

Product Image: Ella Capiz Nightstand

Nightstand Ella Capiz

White noise machines can simulate the sound of the ocean, but they can’t produce the same seaside sensations as this nightstand. The oak woodgrain offers natural warmth to your environment, while the gleaming capiz shell drawer adds an unexpected pop of color. Capiz is formed from a specific oyster shell and can also be found in lampshades and chandeliers.

Product Image: Curved Terrace Nightstand

Nightstand with a Curved Terrace

It doesn’t get much more modern than a metal and glass structure. However, an antique brass finish lends a touch of elegance and history to this nightstand, allowing it to blend in with the rest of your bedroom. The mirrored shelf adds an art deco-inspired touch.

Product Image: Quinn Closed 2-Drawer Nightstand

Quinn 2-Drawer Nightstand with Closed Drawers

This nightstand is distinguished by its gold or black metal handles and two amply-sized drawers. Details like the fluted wood — in either a farmhouse rustic or a clean, modern finish — offer charm that can either complement or provide a fashionable starting point for your existing decor choices.

Product Image: Wood Tiled Nightstand

Nightstand is made of wood tiles.

Wood isn’t the first material that comes to mind when you think of tiles, but it’s used well here to create a sleek pattern that feels entirely at home with the rest of the nightstand. If you’ve been looking for anything to go with the neutral decor of your bedroom, this is it.

Product Image: Mitzi Nightstand


The stunning color palette — we love the fiery orange and excellent green possibilities — allows this nightstand to mix in with modern and traditional decor schemes. Furthermore, its simple construction, clean lines, and pared-down design choices, such as the tripod legs, make it stand out (without necessarily making it a statement piece).

Product Image: Percy Open Nightstand

Nightstand Percy Open

Non-traditional nightstands like this open-shelf table are welcome and encouraged. You’ll always welcome more shelf space if your bedroom has extra space. The sleek steel construction (available in black or white) is unmistakably modern, but it fits nicely with any décor plan.

Product Image: Acrylic Nightstand

Nightstand is Made of Acrylic

Acrylic furniture has the unique capacity to blend in (because of its transparency) and stick out, precisely what this simple design does. You can leave the nightstand alone and just put your items on it, or you can decorate it with textiles (imagine little scarves or kerchiefs as mini rugs) to add a little flair to your bedside. Its open shelf also makes it easier to track what you’re storing on it.

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