There is nothing like being a homeowner and getting a pool.  With a pool we can have a relaxing place to cool off in the summer or just a place to relax and read a book on a lazy day.  No matter why you want a pool or what you plan to do with it, it is important that we really understand the expense of what we are getting in the long run.  For this, pool enclosure cost north hills is a necessity to understand.

The area you want to enclose

Before you can get into enclosing your pool or knowing any other costs associated with it you need to first know the entire square footage area that will be enclosed.  This includes the height of the enclosure and any special additions that will be included.

pool enclosure cost north hills

Once you know the area you want to have enclosed you will need to determine the type of materials that will be used.  In many cases you will be given a set list of materials that will be used, however, there may be some upgrades or additional options that don’t come in the basic package. 

Screen or Glass

One option that you will want to consider is will it be a screen enclosure, glass enclosure or a combination of both.  In some situations, you may want it to be fully glass to weatherproof the room so that the pool can be used all year round.  In other cases, you may want to have the option to remove panels and replace them with screens to allow in the breezes that come in off the water or other directions in your area.


Finally, you will want to look at security.  If you have an enclosed area and it leads into an open area of your home, a screen enclosure may not offer that level of security that you are looking for.  Taking all of these and other points into consideration, you will be able to find the best pool enclosure for your budget and situation.